Do you offer Video or On-line Therapy? Yes. I offer 30- and 60-minute video therapy sessions for residents of Minnesota using a HIPPA-compliant video conferencing system. No special software is required – only an electronic device (such as a computer or tablet) and reliable internet access. Video therapy requires an initial session to determine if this form of therapy is best for you. Insurance does not cover video therapy. Rates start at $55 for a 30-minute session. Call (612) 656-9394 for more details.

Do you accept health savings accounts (HSA)? Yes, if allowed by your HSA and you complete all necessary documentation. You will need to consult your HSA prior to our first appointment. Receipts for sessions will be provided. Payment is due at the beginning of session.

How many sessions will I need? There is no clear answer to this question. Some clients meet their goals in 6 or 8 sessions. Others find that more sessions are needed over a longer time period. Some clients prefer weekly appointments, others prefer every two weeks.

Do I need to have a mental illness to see a therapist? No. Many people seek therapy to work on a particular problem, to address certain behaviors, to get “unstuck”, or to increase their overall wellness. MidWay Counseling believes that mental health is an essential component to whole body-mind health.

Why don’t you accept insurance? Insurance companies do not currently reimburse for video therapy.

Do you offer couples or family therapy? Do you provide therapy to children or adolescents? No. At this time, Midway Counseling only provides individual therapy to adults. We would be happy to offer referrals for clients who also seek couples or family therapy, or services for their children.

What is an LPCC? LPCC stands for Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor. In Minnesota, a therapist becomes an LPCC after graduating with a masters degree, passing a board exam, completing 4000 hours of clinical supervision, and being granted a license from the Minnesota Board of Behavioral Health (BBHT).

Learn more about MidWay Counseling or call (612) 656-9394 to schedule an appointment.

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