Services & Specialities

Midway Counseling offers multiple services for individuals, as well as, mental health providers and others in the helping fields:

  • Individual Video Therapy for Adults Residing in Minnesota*
  • Trainings & Workshops for Clinicians and Other Helpers
  • Workshops and Support Groups for non-clinicians

    *At this time, I am not accepting clients for in-person sessions.

Midway Counseling specializes in providing individual and group therapy to adults struggling with:

  • Grief & Loss Due to Death, Divorce, Relocation, Separation, Family Changes, Caregiving, Transition, Trauma, or Other Situations
  • Self-esteem, Self-identities
  • Work, Life, Creative Balance
  • Sexual or Gender Identities
  • Codependency,¬†Boundaries
  • Physical or Emotional Abuse
  • Stress and trauma experienced by caregivers, medical providers, community mental health providers, therapists, social service workers, and other “helping” professions.
  • Bullying, marginalization, and trauma experienced by “changemakers” – those engaged in social, political, environmental, workplace, or other justice.
  • Spirituality and values

Not sure if your concerns are listed? Give me a call at (612) 656-9394 and we can discuss it.

MidWay Counseling uses an integrative approach to therapy that incorporates Cognitive Behavioral (CBT), Narrative, Psychodynamic, Feminist, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and Psychoeducation.

Feel free to contact Tammy Tucker at 612-656-9394 to ask questions or to discuss your particular struggles. Still have questions? Check out Frequently Asked Questions.

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